How can Actively Learn help your school?

My name is Noam Schafer and I am part of the Partnerships team at Actively Learn. Our innovative digital reading platform helps all students struggle less when they read and is supported by the Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation. More than 750,000 students (grades 3 through 12) have used Actively Learn to think more, write more, and collaborate more.

My role is to help schools answer two very important questions: 

  • "Will Actively Learn help us achieve our literacy goals?"
  • "How can we plan and run an effective evaluation of Actively Learn?"


In 30 minutes, I expect that you'll have a strong understanding of how Actively Learn can help teachers and students at your school!

"Will Actively Learn help us achieve our literacy goals?"

What is the vision for literacy at your school?

  • Current practices: What's working well and what's not?
    • Content challenges?
    • Student engagement challenges?
    • Teacher instruction and feedback challenges?
  • What's your timeline for change?

How do you use technology today?

  • 1:1, BYOC, classroom carts?
  • Do you use a LMS? GAFE?
  • Is technology widely used by teachers? 

How familiar are you with Actively Learn?

  • I have no clue what Actively Learn is.
  • A few of my teachers use the free version.
  • I've taught or observed a class using Actively Learn. It rocks!



  • Actively Learn supports evidence-based pedagogy (link)
  • Actively Learn helps teachers overcome limitations of paper (link)
  • How-to-Works Videos (link)
  • In-Product Demo (link)
  • Actively Learn vs. Traditional Reading Programs (i.e. Achieve3000) (link)

"How do we plan and run an effective evaluation of Actively Learn?"

How do you evaluate new resources?

  • Have you evaluated other technology recently? Did it go well?
  • Who do you envision will evaluate Actively Learn?
  • What's important for you to measure in your evaluation?



  • Actively Learn partnership options (link)
  • Actively Learn pilot program (link)

Who else needs to be involved?

  • We know other stakeholders often need to be involved, especially those who have budgetary control.
ALERT: Google's authentication server is currently experiencing trouble. This is blocking some Actively Learn logins via Google. Google is aware and working on the fix. Stay tuned.