Benefits of Going Premium (School Plan)

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CRITICAL features
ON the platform

Premium features allow teachers to make full use of the pedagogy required for depth and provide students independent reading and research opportunities.

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PD to Improve
literacy Pedagogy

We support evolving practices to be more student-centered with a focus on thinking and metacognition.

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custom implementation with dedicated manager

A school success manager will design implementation around your situation with the goal of creating the greatest impact on student literacy.

Premium Features

Any work you have already done stays exactly as-is when you upgrade from the Free plan. 


Content & Differentiated Instruction



Teachers can group students and target them with appropriate content and instructional support.

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UNLIMITED imports (Internet, G-DOC, & PDF)

Any content area teacher can use Actively Learn for core and/or supplemental curriculum.



Teachers can include struggling students in a collaborative class assignment by using "extra help" notes and questions.

Create course pack or textbook

Merge assignments together to create a pack of materials for students.



Assessments can be aligned to the framework of your choice (i.e. Common Core, Florida’s LAFS, Texas TEKS, etc.).

Unlimited access to 18,000 copyrightED texts*

Easy and cost-effective access to books from HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, HMH, PRH and more.
(*costs an additional $20 per student)

Teacher Collaboration


Teachers can work smarter, not harder, in creating stronger instruction for their students. They can co-author assignments and share them with a click of a button.


Allows coaches, aids, and even administrators to work alongside teachers on their instruction and feedback.

in-house curriculum

Makes it possible for “in-house” digital curriculum to be created, shared, updated and stored forever.

Data & Reporting

Assignment reports

Teachers get the whole picture by seeing students' reading time, progress, annotations, vocab lookups, and more.

Administrator usage & Performance reports

School and district administrators and coaches see performance of students across classes. 

Class reports

Teachers monitor student reading behavior and skill progression over time, which indicates where to focus class time. 


Administrator pedagogy reports

Understand how teachers are doing in critical areas for improving reading for depth: scaffolding, modeling, questioning, feedback, and more. 

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Student reports

Teachers get insights for each student in standards proficiency, writing growth, research projects, and independent reading.

Export gradebook & DATA REPORTS

The data exports into Excel so teachers can manipulate it how they want and input their grades into any system.

Independent Reading & Research Tools

independent reading

Students can access over 4,000 articles to read during designated reading time or on their own. They are encouraged to review texts and share them with peers, creating a reading log (visible to teachers) in the process. Teachers can also add articles for students to enjoy. 


Students can import and annotate online content for their classes, and even co-annotate with other classmates. They can also create citations with a single click. Teachers get visibility into the documents students choose and their annotations. 


Students seamlessly integrate reading and research work in their long-form writing projects and essays.

Professional Development for Teachers

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Literacy Pedagogy

There are 12 practices that drive reading for deeper learning. We focus on the areas most important to you or aligned with other professional development you are doing.

Activate Thinking

  • Questioning
  • Annotation
  • Discussion
  • Modeling close reading

Support Thinking 

  • Background knowledge
  • Scaffolding
  • Vocabulary
  • Accessibility

Reveal Thinking

  • Writing
  • Formative evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Metacognition
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Actively Learn

We understand teachers are at different levels in their comfort with technology, so we tailor sessions to their capabilities and make them engaging with interactive and hands-on activities.

getting started

  • Understanding the student experience
  • Creating a class
  • Using the catalog
  • Creating an assignment
  • Assessment and grading


  • Differentiation
  • Collaboration
  • Data-driven instruction
  • Research
  • Independent Reading


    PD Methods


    Like students, teachers also need a variety of learning avenues. Our professional development provides several options: 

    • Self-paced, online course
    • Self-serve help center with step-by-step instructions and videos
    • Direct instruction in person or via webinar
    • Texts to read in a group or individually (example)
    • Micro-credentials to demonstrate proficiency (example)

    Customized, Supported Implementation

    Implementing educational technology is not like flipping a switch.
    Our implementation process ensures your vision for Actively Learn is fully supported.


    We create a plan designed to fit individual district & school needs

    We understand no two schools or districts are alike, so we start by understanding where administrators and teachers are coming from to create a customized rollout plan to improve deeper learning. 

    Example of a poster to spread the word about Actively Learn to your teachers

    Example of a poster to spread the word about Actively Learn to your teachers



    We build awareness & capacity with teachers and coaches

    Actively Learn is a flexible platform; teachers find many reasons to use it. We help teachers understand and take advantage of all the benefits based on their comfort with technology and pedagogical practices. We often start with a cohort of teachers and coaches and expand from there. 



    We analyze data & feedback to make adjustments when needed

    We love data and we love to share it. Administrators are empowered to understand how teachers and students are using Actively Learn. We will review the metrics together to ensure we are on track to meet our goals or course-correct as necessary. We also gather surveys from teachers and students to get a flavor of the impact Actively Learn has in the classroom. 



    Contact our Partnerships team to request a demo and see what Actively Learn can do for you. 

    ALERT: Google's authentication server is currently experiencing trouble. This is blocking some Actively Learn logins via Google. Google is aware and working on the fix. Stay tuned.