Implementation & evaluation for new partners


We strive to be not just a vendor, but a partner.  Since you have limited funds it is imperative Actively Learn meets your instructional goals. Our process maximizes the value of your investment and ensures critical feedback from teachers and students is collected to help make long-term investment decisions. 

pilot phase 1 design 20151222.png
  • Determine curricular areas that would be the best match for Actively Learnā€˜s benefits

  • Decide which literacy practices should be focus areas for improvement (self-assessment

  • Establish roles & responsibilities for socializing partnership, managing PD, training, and identifying curricular gaps 

  • Build professional learning and curriculum plans

implementation phase 3 implement 201704.png
  • Run PD sessions with teachers and coaches

  • Conduct check-ins to review usage and pedagogy (e.g. scorecard) and make improvements as needed

  • Conduct interviews and use surveys to measure learning outcomes, usability, and reliability
    (e.g. teacher survey and student survey)

  • Determine size and scope of longer-term investment

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