Pilot Process


Pilots help schools and districts evaluate if Actively Learn meets their curricular and instructional goals without the investment required for a full roll out.

Our pilot process ensures critical feedback from teachers and students is collected prior to making a full implementation decision. 

pilot phase 1 design 20151222.png


Determine scope of pilot based on long-term needs


  • Determine match between curricular goals and Actively Learn's benefits

  • Get demos of Actively Learn

  • Determine which teachers would pilot

  • Purchase pilot


Have successful pilot roll-out



  • Socialize pilot goals and evaluation criteria with participants

  • Run one PD session with pilot teachers and instructional coaches (add more as needed)

  • Run one training session for the Actively Learn "Lead"

  • Conduct pilot check-ins to review usage


Capture feedback from pilot participants quantitatively


  • Finalize surveys that collect feedback on learning outcomes, usability, and reliability (i.e. teacher survey and student survey)

  • Ensure sufficient participation for surveys

  • Conduct interviews to gather anecdotal feedback


Make go / no-go decision
on a full rollout


  • Evaluate survey results and anecdotal feedback

  • Determine size and scope of long-term rollout

Pilot Pricing

school PILOT: $4,000 

10 teachers and their students
Duration: Semester

district PILOT: $7,000

20 teachers and their students
Duration: Semester

The teachers and students participating in the Pilot will have access to our Team Subscription Plan
The sponsor of the pilot will get access to an administrator account usually reserved for our School Plan. 

ALERT: Google's authentication server is currently experiencing trouble. This is blocking some Actively Learn logins via Google. Google is aware and working on the fix. Stay tuned.