Plan Options

Team and School plans are for districts and schools to have an end-to-end solution to get students reading for depth. 
Click here for more details on the premium features and benefits. If teachers do not yet have financial support from their school, they can access a “Personal” plan in the app (not listed below) to get more content and data than the Free plan.

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  • Class assignments with interactive student reading
  • Embed questions, notes, and media into an assignment
  • Automatic gradebook
  • Google Classroom integration

Everything in Free plus:

  • Assignment, class, and student data reports
  • Assign to groups & individuals
  • Differentiation with extra help
  • Personalized scaffolding
  • Research tools, incl. Google Docs add-on for importing
  • Printing and customization

Everything in Team plus:

  • Create standard sets and performance rubrics
  • Administrator dashboards and rights management
  • LMS integration (coming soon)
  • Add-on: SIS integration
    pricing plan content header.png
    • Catalog w/ thousands of texts across subjects and genres
    • Standards-based assignments
    • Limit of 3 text imports monthly
    • Rent copyright texts for as low as 50 cents per student
    • Unlimited text imports
    • Share assignments
    • Co-author assignments
    • Access all knowledge sets
    • Private school/district library to centrally manage content
    • Independent reading library with over 3k texts
    • Add-on: Include all 18k copyright texts with a flat fee
    pricing plan prof learning header.png
    • Online course in key practices
    • Assignment reviews
    • Webinar PD sessions
    • Add-on: Microcredentials
    • Dedicated success manager
    • Support to import current texts
    • In-person PD sessions (included with plans > $15k)
    • Tailored implementation plan


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