Actively Learn Summer Professional Learning


Now that the school year is drawing to a close, we’re inviting you to make the most of the summer by joining the Actively Learn Professional Learning group! This is an opportunity for you to improve your teaching practice in a collaborative, hands-on way and head into fall with some serious literacy expertise under your belt (as well as some pre-created assignments for your students).

We’ll cover the three critical practices to activate, support, and reveal student thinking for deeper learning: 

  • Asking questions to solicit higher-order thinking
  • Building background knowledge to make sense of text
  • Formative assessment to track student learning in real time

We’ll explore these practices as an Actively Learn class. Each week, participants will receive a few short assignments to read and annotate, culminating in a Twitter chat where we can discuss together in real time. Feel free to join for just one practice, or all three.

There is absolutely no cost to join the summer PL group. All you need is a free Actively Learn account.

Interested in joining? Email and tell us know which modules you'd like to attend.

ALERT: Google's authentication server is currently experiencing trouble. This is blocking some Actively Learn logins via Google. Google is aware and working on the fix. Stay tuned.