Professional Development for Teachers

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Literacy Pedagogy

There are 12 practices that drive reading for deeper learning. We focus on the areas most important to you or aligned with other professional development you are doing.

Activate Thinking

  • Questioning
  • Annotation
  • Discussion
  • Modeling close reading

Support Thinking 

  • Background knowledge
  • Scaffolding
  • Vocabulary
  • Accessibility

Reveal Thinking

  • Writing
  • Formative evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Metacognition
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Actively Learn

We understand teachers are at different levels in their comfort with technology, so we tailor sessions to their capabilities and make them engaging with interactive and hands-on activities.

getting started

  • Understanding the student experience
  • Creating a class
  • Using the catalog
  • Creating an assignment
  • Assessment and grading


  • Differentiation
  • Collaboration
  • Data-driven instruction
  • Research
  • Independent Reading


    PD Methods


    Like students, teachers also need a variety of learning avenues. Our professional development provides several options: 

    • Self-paced, online course
    • Self-serve help center with step-by-step instructions and videos
    • Direct instruction in person or via webinar
    • Texts to read in a group or individually (example)
    • Micro-credentials to demonstrate proficiency (example)
    ALERT: Google's authentication server is currently experiencing trouble. This is blocking some Actively Learn logins via Google. Google is aware and working on the fix. Stay tuned.