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Teaching DBQ: Perspectives on the Belgian Congo

DBQ: Perspectives on the Belgian Congo

The Congo was ruled by the European country Belgium from 1885 to 1960. King Leopold of Belgium was the ruler from 1885 to 1908. Under his rule, the country was called The Congo Free State.\n\nUnder King Leopold's rule, the Congolese, were treated very badly. King Leopold viewed them as children who had to be trained and controlled. They had no role in running the government, and their chiefs were used by the Belgians to collect taxes and round up people to work on rubber plantations.\n\nPressure from other European countries forced King Leopold to make changes, but things were not much better for the Congolese people in the Belgian Congo. In the 1950s, other African colonies began maki

Various Authors
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How were the Congolese people affected by Belgium's colonial rule?
RH.2 - Main Ideas, RH.6 - Author's Purpose, RH.7 - Visual Information


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