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Teaching French Revolution: Calling the Estates General

French Revolution: Calling the Estates General

Long ago, France was ruled by a monarchy, where kings passed rule of the country down to their children. The king had a great deal of power, but also had to take into consideration the opinions of the “parliaments”, a group of high ranking officials who had inherited or bought their positions of powers. They couldn’t make laws, but they had to give approval on important issues, such as taxation, before they became laws.\n\nThe king also had to deal with the “estates of the realm”, a division of classes into three groups. This group was divided into three groups, called “Estates.” The First Estate was made up of clergy, priests and men of the church. The Second Estate was made up of n



Why did the political structures of 1789 not work for members of the Third Estate?
RH.1 - Meaning & Evidence, RH.2 - Main Ideas, RI.2 - Main Ideas


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