Andrew Lost 16: In Uncle Al

Andrew Lost 16: In Uncle Al

Some families are ARE a little too close! A shock from a numbfish has shrunk Andrew, Judy, and Thudd to microscopic size. Just when they think Uncle Al has rescued them, a mosquito bite injects them into his bloodstream! They travel to his lungs and pay a friendly visit to his mucous membranes. Will they ever find their way out of Uncle Al? Or will this family tie become a permanent knot? J. C. Greenburg is the author of many books for young people in the library and reference fields. She's married to Dan Greenburg, author of the Zack Files and Weird Planet. She lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Jan Gerardi is an art director and has illustrated several books for children. She

J. C. Greenburg
A Stepping Stone Book™ Random House




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