Astrotwins — Project Blastoff

Astrotwins — Project Blastoff

A team of middle schoolers prepares for blastoff in this adventure from the author of the <i>New York Times </i>bestselling <i>Mousetronaut</i>, based on the childhoods of real-life astronauts Mark Kelly and his twin brother Scott.<BR><BR>It&#8217;s a long, hot summer and Scott and Mark are in big trouble for taking apart (aka destroying) their dad&#8217;s calculator. As a punishment, they&#8217;re sent to their grandfather&#8217;s house, where there&#8217;s no TV and they have to do chores. And Grandpa is less tolerant of the twins&#8217; constant bickering. &#8220;Why don&#8217;t you two work together on something constructive. What if you built a go-kart or something?&#8221; Grandpa sugge

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