Barlaam and Josaphat

Barlaam and Josaphat

A new translation of the most popular Christian tale of the Middle Ages, which springs from the story of the Buddha. When his astrologers foretell that his son Josaphat will convert to Christianity, the pagan King Avenir confines him to a palace, allowing him to know only the pleasures of the world, and to see no illness, death, or poverty. Despite the king's precautions, the hermit Barlaam comes to Josaphat and begins to teach the prince Christian beliefs through parables. Josaphat converts to Christianity, angering his father, who tries to win his son back to his religion before he, too, converts. After his father's death, Josaphat renounces the world and lives as a hermit in the

Gui de Cambrai
Penguin Group, USA




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