Calendar Mysteries #8: August Acrobat

Calendar Mysteries #8: August Acrobat

It's a mystery every month from popular A to Z Mysteries author Ron Roy! August is for Acrobat... In theĀ eigth book of the Calendar Mysteries - an early chapter book mystery series featuring the younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries detectives - something special is coming to Green Lawn - a traveling circus! But when the performers arrive, they need help. Their show is a mess, and Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy are happy to chip in. They fix up the equipment and find dazzling new acts, but what the show needs most is an acrobat. No one in town is brave enough to go up on the high trapeze, except for one mysterious masked person. If the kids could find out who it is, this might b

Ron Roy; illustrated by John Steven Gurney
Random House




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