Encomiums on the Beauty of His Mistress

Encomiums on the Beauty of His Mistress

"Encomiums on the Beauty of His Mistress" is an excerpt from John Gough's The Academy of Complements, a book first published in 1639 and revised several times before this version was published in 1684. The excerpt bears many similarities to Romeo's speech to Juliet in Shakespeare's play.\r\n<br><br>\r\n<i><u>Literature Set: Shakespeare's Tragedies (Text 4)</u> -- This text provides background information and context that can help students better understand Shakespeare's plays. Assign this this text after students have read Act I, Scene V in <i>Romeo and Juliet</i>. Direct students to analyze the literary devices used in the poem and compare it to Romeo’s description of Juliet.</i>\r\n<br><br>\r\n<a

John Gough

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Common Core Standards

RL.4 - Key Terms & Tone, RL.9 - Compare Texts, RL.1 - Meaning & Evidence

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