Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

<B>Winner of the 1999 Scott O'Dell Award <BR> A Notable Children's Book in the Field of Social Studies</B> <BR> <I>Maybe nobody gave freedom, and nobody could take it away like they could take away a family farm. Maybe freedom was something you claimed for yourself.</I> <BR> Like other ex-slaves, Pascal and his older brother Gideon have been promised forty acres and maybe a mule. With the family of friends they have built along the way, they claim a place of their own. Green Gloryland is the most wonderful place on earth, their own family farm with a healthy cotton crop and plenty to eat. But the notorious night riders have plans to take it away, threatening to tear the beautiful f

Harriette Gillem Robinet
Atheneum Books




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