Gravediggers: Terror Cove

Gravediggers: Terror Cove

<p>Action, laughs, and thrills make <em>Gravediggers: Terror Cove</em> an exciting second book in the Gravediggers series, which R.L. Stine, author of <em>Goosebumps</em>, called &#34;fast, frightening, and all too real!&#34;</p><p>Newly crowned zombie slayers Ian, Kendra, and PJ are on a family vacation in the tropics when they are warned about a cursed island called Isla Hambrienta. What none of them expect to find is a zombie colony much stronger than the one they defeated on the mountain&#8212;and another presence on the island that&#39;s way more dangerous than the creatures they&#39;re supposed to turn to dust.</p><p>Fans of creepy books like <em>Skeleton Creek</em> by Patrick Carman w

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