It’s Good to Be Gronk

It’s Good to Be Gronk

New England Patriots record-breaking tight-end Rob &#8220;Gronk&#8221; Gronkowski offers fans a front row seat to a football superstar&#8217;s life on and off the field.<BR><BR>&#8220;One of the best tight ends the game has ever seen. Off the field, he&#8217;s unabashedly the cruise director of the NFL.&#8221; &#8212;<i>New York Post</i><BR> <BR> Rob &#8220;Gronk&#8221; Gronkowski holds nine league-wide records and three Patriots franchise records. His accomplishments include thirty-eight receiving touchdowns in his first three seasons (thirteen more than any other tight end in the NFL) and the 2011 record for most touchdowns made by a tight end, with seventeen receiving and eighteen overall

Rob “Gronk“ Gronkowski and Jason Rosenhaus
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