Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

This letter defends the strategy of nonviolent resistance to racism, arguing that people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws. After an early setback, it enjoyed widespread publication and became a key text for the American civil rights movement of the early 1960s.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>Letters from Birmingham (Text 3)</u> -- This text is part of a Primary Source Set that includes MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and other primary sources that reveal the political and social climate of the South during the Civil Rights Movement. Students should evaluate King’s arguments regarding the need for direct action at that time and his responses to the clergymen's criticisms.</i>\n<br><br>\n<

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Common Core Standards

RH.1 - Meaning & Evidence, RH.2 - Main Ideas, RH.8 - Evaluate Argument, RH.9 - Compare Texts

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