Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt from a School Supervisor (1936)

Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt from a School Supervisor (1936)

In this letter a rural school supervisor asks Mrs. Roosevelt for help for the poor children in their district. Written in 1936, the letter reveals the hardships faced by many families during the Great Depression.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>Thinking Like a Historian (Text 4)</u> - This text is part of a Knowledge Set introducing historical thinking and inquiry skills as students examine letters from different periods in U.S. history. This letter offers an additional perspective on the effects of the Great Depression. As students read, they should compare and contrast the details in this letter to the previous letter in this set and use this information to corroborate both sources. After reading, students

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Common Core Standards

RH.1 - Meaning & Evidence, RH.9 - Compare Texts

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