Lulu Walks the Dogs

Lulu Walks the Dogs

Feisty Lulu sets out to make some dough in this illustrated chapter book with &#8220;plenty of appeal&#8221; (<I>Kirkus Reviews</I>) from children&#8217;s book legends Judith Viorst and Lane Smith.<BR><BR>The stubbornly hilarious Lulu has decided it&#8217;s time to buckle down and earn some cash. How else can she save up enough money to buy the very special thing that she is ALWAYS and FOREVER going to want? After some failed attempts at lucrative gigs (baking cookies, spying, reading to old people), dog walking seems like a sensible choice. But Brutus, Pookie, and Cordelia are not interested in making the job easy, and the infuriatingly helpful neighborhood goody-goody, Fleischman, has Lulu

Judith Viorst
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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