Lulu’s Mysterious Mission

Lulu’s Mysterious Mission

This irresistible illustrated chapter book starring Judith Viorst&#8217;s Lulu is full of hilarious hijinks, delightful twists, and a top-secret mission!<BR><BR><I>Eeny meeny miney mo,</I><BR><I>That babysitter&#8217;s got to go.</I><BR> <BR>Lulu has put her tantrum-throwing days behind her. That is, until her parents announce that they are going on vacation&#8212;WITHOUT LULU. Not only that, but they are leaving her with the formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky, who says hello by bellowing, &#8220;The Eagle has landed,&#8221; and smiles at you with the kind of smile that an alligator might give you before eating you for dinner.<BR> <BR>The second her parents are out of the house, Lulu tries

Judith Viorst, Kevin Cornell and Lane Smith
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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