Matter is everywhere!

Matter is everywhere!

Everything around us is made of matter—your clothes, the trees, even the water you drink! We divide matter into four major categories, which are called the four states of matter: liquid, gaseous, solid, and plasma.\n\n<br><br>\n<i><u>The State Matters! (Text 1)</u> -- This text is part of an Investigation Set that explores different states of matter. In this text, the author explains what makes each state of matter unique from another, focusing on what is occurring at the atomic level. As students read, encourage them to apply what they are reading to examples of matter beyond the text.</i>\n<br><br>\n<a href="


Essential Question

How does the structure and organization of atoms in a substance contribute to the properties it exhibit?

Common Core Standards

RST.1 - Analysis & Evidence, RST.4 - Key Terms, RST.2 - Main Ideas

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels



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