Scientists discover 60 new planets, some similar to Earth

Scientists discover 60 new planets, some similar to Earth

A group of astronomers have discovered 60 new extrasolar planets near the Solar System, with some of them having the likelihood to sustain life.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>New Planets, Old Questions (Text 1)</u> -- This text is part of a Knowledge Set exploring newly discovered planets and questions whether life can exist beyond Earth. Use this text to help students learn about tools scientists use to study the universe and understand basic principles about the solar system. While reading, students should interpret information presented in figures and graphs. Students can also begin to consider the significance of new discoveries in space.</i>\n<br><br>\n<a href="

Samantha Karas
International Business Times

Essential Question

How can advances in space exploration and research could potentially impact the lives of ordinary people?

Common Core Standards

RI.8 - Evaluate Argument, RI.2 - Main Ideas

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels



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