Syrian selfie refugee Anas Modamani sues Facebook

Syrian selfie refugee Anas Modamani sues Facebook

Anas Modamani accuses the social network of failing to take down false posts linking him to crimes.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>Fake News: Who's Responsible? (Text 1)</u> -- This article is part of a Knowledge Set exploring the impact of fake news and questions who should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information shared online. This text focuses on a lawsuit Anas Modamani filed against Facebook for allowing posts falsely accusing him of being a terrorist to be widely circulated on the social networking website. As students read this text, encourage them to identify some of the impacts of fake news and evaluate Modamani's arguments against Facebook.</i>\n<br><br>\n<a href="

Al Jazeera

Essential Question

Should companies like Facebook be responsible for removing fake news or posts with false information from their site?

Common Core Standards

RI.2 - Main Ideas, RI.1 - Meaning & Evidence

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels



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