The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

A beautiful gift edition of the heartwarming story that became the Christmas classic, <I>It&#8217;s a Wonderful Life</I>.<BR><BR>For almost seventy years, people the world over have fallen in love with Frank Capra&#8217;s classic Christmas movie <I>It&#8217;s a Wonderful Life</I>. But few of those fans know that Capra&#8217;s film was based on a short story by author Philip Van Doren Stern, which came to Stern in a dream one night. <BR> <BR>Unable at first to find a publisher for his evocative tale about a man named George Pratt who ponders suicide until he receives an opportunity to see what the world would be like without him, Stern ultimately published the story in a small pamphlet and se

Philip Van Doren Stern
Simon & Schuster Inc.

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