The Inferno

The Inferno

"Here at last that much suffering reader will find Dante's greatness manifest, and not his greatness only, but his grace, his simplicity, and his affection." &#8212; William Dean Howells, <I>The Nation</I><BR>"As a crown to his literary life, Longfellow combines his exquisite scholarship and his poetic skill and experience in the translation of one of the great poems of the world." &#8212; <I>Harper's Monthly</I><BR>Enter the unforgettable world of <I>The Inferno</I> and travel with a pair of poets through nightmare landscapes of eternal damnation to the very core of Hell. The first of the three major canticles in <I>La divina commedia</I> (The Divine Comedy), this fourteenth-century allegor

Dante Alighieri
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