The Year We Sailed the Sun

The Year We Sailed the Sun

Orphaned Julia never expected to be sent away, especially not to the ill-named House of Mercy. But adventure awaits her in this historical journey, based on a true story.<BR><BR>&#8220;Go home,&#8221; eleven-year-old orphan Julia Delaney is told, but home for her is gone. Spirited and strong, Julia faces a cruel life at an orphanage&#8212;the House of Mercy&#8212;blistering cold winters, and countless disappointments. But not even hopeful Julia can imagine what awaits her in Montana&#8212;and with the help of a miracle or two, she sets the sun a-sailing.<BR> <BR>Like the heroines of the beloved American Girls series, Julia&#8217;s journey paints a vivid picture of United States history. Base

Theresa Nelson
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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