US Remembers 75 Years Since Japanese American Internment

US Remembers 75 Years Since Japanese American Internment

Seventy-five years ago Sunday, in the wake of the December 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japanese imperial forces, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order that led to the forced relocation and detainment of over 100,000 Japanese-Americans.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>Lessons from Japanese Internment (Text 1)</u> -- This article is part of a Knowledge Set reflecting on the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the lessons this period in history can teach us today. This article provides background on the political and social climate of the 1940s. As students learn about major events in the war and public attitudes they should critique President Roosevelt's actions. Enc

Tom O'Connor
International Business Times


Should governments be allowed to restrict the rights of their citizens if they deem in necessary?
RI.2 - Main Ideas, RI.1 - Meaning & Evidence, RI.6 - Author's Purpose


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