Why Facebook can't fix fake news

Why Facebook can't fix fake news

Facebook is caught in a catch-22; the company drives revenue and traffic by giving users posts they're more likely to "like" and thus remain with in Facebook to continue reading, but it's also in danger of driving an exodus as fake news and bitterness of politics creates a toxic environment.\r\n<br><br>\r\n<i><u>Fake News: Who's Responsible? (Text 3)</u> -- This article is part of a Knowledge Set exploring the impact of fake news and questions who should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information shared online. This article takes a look at the issue of fake news on Facebook from a business perspective and describes the postive and negative effects that news stories (whether true or

Kevin Maney

Essential Question

Should companies reduce fake news if it threatens their success as a company?

Common Core Standards

RI.8 - Evaluate Argument, RI.2 - Main Ideas, RI.1 - Meaning & Evidence

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