You are the new gatekeeper of the news

You are the new gatekeeper of the news

News consumers today face a flood of fake news and information. Distinguishing between fact and fiction has become increasingly challenging.\r\n<br><br>\r\n<i><u>Fake News: Who's Responsible? (Text 5)</u> -- This article is part of a Knowledge Set exploring the impact of fake news and questions who should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information shared online. This text focuses on how news reporting has changed and argues that the responsiblity for ensuring the validity of information is now in the hands of each person instead of journalists or specific websites. Use this text to help students learn strategies for determining whether the information they read online is t

Aly Colón
The Conversation


Is the spread of false information Facebook's fault or the fault of people who didn't check if the story was true before sharing it?
RI.1 - Meaning & Evidence, RI.2 - Main Ideas


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