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Easy Integrations  •   Powerful District Library •   Personal Support
love your platform. Thank you for providing such a rich resource for the profession.”
Crystal Braswell, Administrator
“Hands down
one of my favorite platforms to encourage reading for depth.”
Jonathan Olshan,
K-12 Technology Integration Coach
“I'm not one to jump on any edtech bandwagon, but thank god for Actively Learn.”

Mike Lutz, History Teacher

“Actively Learn has been a great resource for us!"
Whittney Smith, Principal

“It saved the content piece of my instruction when we closed buildings in the spring. It's a life-saver!!!”

Rhiannon Dunn, ELA Teacher and Mentor Tech Leader
Compelling content

Assignments that matter, personalized by teachers

Actively Learn student guide assignment

Complete curriculum plus build-your-own assignments

ELA, science, and social studies
ELA, Science & Social Studies
Get 1000s of standards-aligned assignments paired with SEL, a full year of units, videos, and relevant news articles.
Seamless Integrations
Integrate easily with Google Classroom, Clever, Canvas, and Schoology.
District Library and Rich Data
Share teachers' favorite curricula throughout the district, and use detailed data to guide student growth.
Real-Time Feedback
Forge teacher-student and peer-to-peer connections directly in the texts, synchronously and asynchronously.
Features That Connect

Enable teachers and students to thrive in digital education

Teachers personalize learning for each student, and students think deeply and master the challenges.
Teachers Differentiate
Teachers discover what drives their students to excel with grade-level texts, scaffolds, and Actively Learn's unique Extra Help features.
Students Revise and Move Forward
Students learn from instant teacher responses and peer annotations and gain new knowledge, confidence, and connections.
student with headphones
Data Insights

Students read more, write more with Actively Learn

In April 2020, administrators nationwide saw better connections and growth with Actively Learn than in the same time period in 2019

Students read 4 times more assignments
Students answered 24% more questions
Students spent 16% more time reading and wrote 10% more words per answer
Increase in teacher feedback
US states
student on computer
ELA, Science, Social Studies
Bundled Discounts
With personalized service
Licensed fiction and nonfiction
We the People civics textbooks
ELA, science, and social studies units
Unlimited PDF, Google Doc, and video uploads
Best Value
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“Actively Learn offers seemingly boundless options for what students can do inside a text: adjust, annotate, edit, share, and collaborate.”

Common Sense Education
Teachers learning
Teachers assign Actively Learn lessons within one week
40% of teachers assign within 1 day

Teachers and students get up and running quickly.

Actively Learn engages students on laptops, tablets, mobile, and print.