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One tool to drive learning outcomes for every student

Actively Learn’s flexible platform empowers teachers to assign a wealth of standards-aligned curriculum and upload their own.

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Multiple Integrations  •   ELA, Science, and Social Studies •   Comprehensive District Library
love your platform. Thank you for providing such a rich resource for the profession.”

Crystal Braswell, Administrator
“Hands down
one of my favorite platforms to encourage reading for depth.”

Jonathan Olshan, K-12 Technology Integration Coach
“I'm not one to jump on any edtech bandwagon, but thank god for Actively Learn.”

Mike Lutz, Teacher
“Actively Learn has been a great resource for us!"

Whittney Smith, Principal
“Actively Learn is a BARGAIN! It does what Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Peardeck, Newsela, and Quizziz can do!”

Hollie Woodard, ELA Teacher and Dyslexia Advocate
Compelling content

Engaging assignments for teachers to personalize and customize

Actively Learn student guide assignment

Assignments embedded with expert instruction + flexibility for teachers

ELA, science, and social studies
ELA, Science & Social Studies
Use engaging, standards-aligned assignments for elementary, middle school, and high school.
document and video
Flexibility for Teachers
Empower teachers to instruct with their own documents, videos, and instant feedback.
District Library and Rich Data
Deploy assignments across the district, and pivot quickly using student and class data.
student group
Individual and group learning
Enable teachers to engage students in the ways they learn best.
Features That Connect

Give teachers the solution to do everything they need

New and experienced teachers benefit from ready-made content and flexible features.
Students, Teachers, and Administrators Track Progress
Data informs family conferences and measures advancements in school and district goals.
Teachers Deliver Feedback to Motivate and Encourage
Instant feedback and cumulative assessments nurture student growth over time.
student with headphones
Data Insights

Growth in Student Reading and Learning

In April 2020, administrators nationwide saw better connections and growth with Actively Learn than in the same time period in 2019

Teacher feedback to students increased by 109%
Students read 4 times as many assignments and answered 24% more questions
Students spent 16% more time reading and wrote 10% more words per answer
Increase in teacher feedback
Increase in student answers
student on computer
ELA, Science, Social Studies
Bundled Discounts
With personalized service
Licensed fiction and nonfiction
We the People civics textbooks
ELA, science, and social studies units
Unlimited PDF, Google Doc, and video uploads
Best Value
Common Sense Education Logo

“Actively Learn offers seemingly boundless options for what students can do inside a text: adjust, annotate, edit, share, and collaborate.”

Common Sense Education
Teachers learning
Teachers assign Actively Learn’s engaging texts within one week
40% of teachers assign within 1 day

Teachers and students get up and running quickly

Actively Learn engages students on laptops, tablets, mobile, and print.