Actively Learn Subprocessors

Last Modified: May 24, 2018

Actively Learn uses a range of third party subprocessors to assist us in connection with the Services (as described in the Terms of Service here). These third party subprocessors help us host the Actively Learn platform, ensure its performance and reliability, and provides us with tools to conduct business internally, communicate with customers, and provide support.

Our subprocessors have all signed a Data Protection Agreement with us, which stipulates that any data we share with them will be used exclusively to provide services to us and not for any other purposes.

We use subprocessors to:

Host and deliver the Actively Learn service

Subprocessor Purpose Location Website
Algolia In-app search US
AWS Amazon Hosting and text-to-speech US
Instructure Canvas LMS integration US
Clever SIS integration US
Edmodo LMS integration US
Stripe Payment processor for text rentals and license purchases US
Raygun Error tracking and reporting New Zealand
New Relic Performance monitoring US
Google Text translation, analytics, authentication, classroom LMS integration US

Improve the service

Subprocessor Purpose Location Website
FullStory User experience analytics US
Mixpanel User experience analytics US
Viur Business and customer analytics Portugal

Communicate with teachers and administrators

Subprocessor Activity Location Website
Autopilot Customer journey automation US
Intercom Customer support US
Mailchimp Transactional emails (e.g. password reset) via Mandrill US
Segment Data transfer to Autopilot US
Typeform Customer support US
Unbounce Marketing US
Webflow Marketing and customer support US

Run our internal operations

Subprocessor Activity Location Website
Github Manage application code US
Google Manage emails, calendars, and documents US
Salesforce Customer support and relationship management US
Slack Internal chat US