If you're interested in joining our team, tell us why you would be great fit and send a resume to jobs[at] We recommend you apply if you love education and a culture that emphasizes improvement, thinking, collaboration, and ownership (these are our core values).

Elementary Content Writer

We are looking for an experienced elementary school content writer to join our team as a dedicated contractor with the possibility of growing the role to full-time. We are looking for someone who can masterfully capture nuance and depth in clear, concise writing for grades 3-5. This writer must have a strong command of the English language and familiarity with the instructional needs of elementary school teachers in reading, science, and social studies. This writer must also have a strong desire to shape how history, science, and reading are taught and bring a critical understanding of the myriad ways instructional content either reinforces or challenges oppressive historical power systems, cultural and racial stereotypes, and subconscious bias. 

As an Elementary Content Writer for Actively Learn, you will be a critical contributor to the development of industry-leading digital instructional content for elementary school teachers and students. You will work closely with Product Managers to craft engaging instructional content for students. You will have the opportunity to develop instructional content on a wide variety of topics and grow your knowledge of product and content development.


  • Commit to working on elementary content for 20-40 hours a week for 6-8 weeks in a contractor role.
  • Craft instructional assignments for grades 3-5 in a variety of domains, including reading, science, and social studies.
  • Write meaningful questions and scaffolding notes that lead students to a more profound level of understanding of the topic. 
  • Contribute to developing editorial standards for writing for an elementary school audience.


  • You have at least 2 years of experience in the field of education. You are thoughtful about how you frame topics for students and love designing meaningful learning experiences. 
  • You have a strong command of sentence structure, grammar, and style. 
  • You don’t need to be an expert on everything, but you need to be an expert at becoming an expert. You find new topics interesting and can efficiently conduct research to quickly gain knowledge. You love finding interesting angles that make any topic come to life. 
  • You have experience explaining complex topics to a younger audience. You have a sense of student misconceptions and write questions that clarify understanding.
  • You are firmly dedicated to crafting instructional content that explicitly and implicitly challenges historical systems of oppression, stereotypes, and implicit bias against historically marginalized people.

Working at Actively Learn

For too many, reading is not as educational and rewarding as it should be. We reinvent reading so that students deeply understand what they read, build connections between ideas, and actively construct knowledge. 

As a company, we want to help students learn, think, and become people who do great things. We are optimistic about what young people can accomplish and we look forward to the world they will build. 

As a contractor on the Content Team, you will work closely with a team of professionals dedicated to developing great content for teachers and students. We love solving complex problems, tackling interesting topics, and supporting each other. 

Actively Learn is an equal opportunity employer. Our commitment to diversity drives everything from how we design instructional content to who we hire. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.