For any of the jobs below, we recommend you apply if you love education, love early-stage startups, and love a culture that emphasizes improvement, thinking, collaboration, and ownership. To apply, tell us why you would be great for the role and send a resume to jobs[at]

Senior Manager, Partnerships (Senior Account Executive)

Locations: Seattle, WA (HQ)

In this role you will drive revenue for Actively Learn. You will be responsible for a large geographic territory where you will form new partnerships with schools and ensure the continued growth of existing ones. Our ideal candidate will be able to:

  • Hunt for new prospects by leveraging current partners, prior relationships, and conferences.
  • Figure out the latent needs of a school administrator in a 15 minute conversation and articulate how Actively Learn addresses those needs or is not a fit.
  • Give an awesome live and webinar product demo while crisply articulating the benefits of Actively Learn.
  • Manage 100+ school partnerships--at various stages of the buying cycle--and always understand the health of your pipeline.
  • Understand literacy pedagogy and how teachers help students think deeply when they read.

We expect a candidate would have 5 years of experience selling K-12 software. Most importantly, the candidate will be highly organized, efficient and effective at communicating with partners, and very collaborative. If you are interested, send us an email at jobs[at] To get us really excited, send us a video of explaining what teachers and students can do differently with Actively Learn.

Senior Manager, School Success

Location: Seattle, WA (HQ)

In this role you will proactively help schools and districts work with their students to read for depth. You will educate teachers on Actively Learn as well as pedagogical practices, working as a part of our School Success team.  The Sr. School Success Manager is focused on customer adoption, renewal, and continued usage. Our ideal candidate will be proficient in building strong relationships with various stakeholders, familiar with public and private school cultures in the U.S., and able to leverage project management skills to ensure that teams are well prepared to get off to a solid start. Product and pedagogy experience will help partners use Actively Learn to it’s fullest potential.


  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting partnerships with stakeholders at all levels of a school or district.
  • Develop and implement strategies to ensure the renewal of customers.
  • Develop plans with partners for a successful implementation of Actively LearnManage and communicate clearly the progress of key goals to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide professional development to customers.
  • Educate partners and train teachers on literacy best practices.
  • Track and grow key usage metrics for each partner.
  • Resolve any issues and problems faced by partners and deal with complaints to maintain trustInfluence product development by bringing user feedback into the product development cycle.
  • Collaborate in executing communications that will build awareness and excitement for our platform.


  • Demonstrated project management skillsAbility to develop product and pedagogical expertise.
  • Proven experience in a customer facing role.
  • Proficiency in managing projects and communications via email, phone, and other channels where necessary.
  • Experience in probing for underlying customer needs and providing solutions based on them.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with aptitude in building relationships with every level of decision making.
  • Able to track and act on details significant to individual stakeholders for a portfolio of partnerships.
  • Ability to travel about 30% of the time.

We expect an ideal candidate would have 4-5 years of experience in a customer-facing or school leadership role (either officially or unofficially). Most importantly, the candidate will demonstrate a strong work ethic, empathy, excellent communications skills, and ability to take direction and guidance. You will be able to identify goals and provide solutions readily. If you are interested, send us an email at jobs[at] To get us really excited, tell us about a time you convinced a group of people to try something new. 

Director / Senior Manager, Marketing & Growth

Location: Seattle, WA (HQ)

In this role you will co-lead Marketing for Actively Learn. You will be responsible for user growth and generating sales leads.  The ideal candidate would:

  • Manage a portfolio of marketing initiatives and analyze which ones deserve the most investment.
  • Execute drip campaigns, content marketing, social media campaigns, and PR to engage potential and existing customers. 
  • Eat marketing strategy for breakfast: target personas, core messaging, channels, value prop.
  • Live and breathe data and marketing analytics; run SQL queries.
  • Build a community of teachers who are passionate about reading and Actively Learn.

We expect an ideal candidate would have at least 5 years of experience at a high performance company, but we care most about the criteria above. Send your resume to jobs[at] To get us excited, you can address how your experience matches our criteria; bonus points for naming our top 3 competitors and how we are different; extra bonus points for telling us how we could emphasize our differences much better than we do today.