Learn deeply.
Think critically.
Accelerate achievement. 

Drive depth and engagement with our digital curriculum platform.


Texts (and videos!) for ELA, Science, and Social Studies with scaffolds and higher-order questions

Find what you teach and great texts & videos to pair with it. Or add anything you like.


The best features to
support, engage and build stamina

Take whole class, small group, jigsaw, close reads, and more to the next level.

Formative Assessment


Data you need;
Feedback your students act on

Assess where your students are at, provide immediate feedback, and watch them improve.



Google Classroom? Canvas?
We‘ve got you covered

“Actively Learn has been life changing for me and my students. I so appreciate the ability to see exactly what students are saying about a text and being able to provide feedback right there in the moment.”
Laura Deal
Middle school ELA teacher
“Actively Learn has allowed me to shift class time to be much more productive and project-based. I spend class time working on extension activities or experiences that allow students to access deeper and more significant levels of text-based engagement.”
Matt Hamilton
High school Social Studies teacher
“We used Common Lit, Newsela, Dogo News, Google Docs and various platforms for reading online text, but never were able to customize it to fit each of our unique content areas... Actively Learn became our solution.”
Suzanne Miller
Middle school literacy coach
“For my tiered students and others struggling, it has led to measurable results. I have found that student comprehension has increased, which has led to better performances on formative and summative assessments later on in the course.”
Sara Layton
High school ELA teacher