Our premium plan helps schools and districts achieve their instructional goals


Actively Learn for Schools and Districts

Our premium plan provides an end-to-end solution for deeper learning and engagement.
Class assignments with interactive reading
Research Projects (with Google Docs import)
3,300 texts across subjects and genres
Standards-based assignments
Embed questions, notes, and media into an assignment
Text imports
Limit of 3/month
16,000 paid texts
$ add-on
$ add-on
Printing assignments and student work
We the People textbooks for social studies
Assign to groups & individuals
Extra help on questions and notes
Share and co-author assignments
Small group reading mode
Create standard sets and assessment rubrics
Private school/district library to centrally manage content
Full school or district only
Automatic gradebook
Assignment data to track real-time student progress
Class and student proficiency and activity reports
Administrator dashboards and rights management
Course modules for 12 pedagogy practices
Earn micro-credentials
Google Classroom Integration
SIS integration
$ add-on
LMS integration (Canvas)
Full school or district only
Premium Tech Support
Dedicated success manager
Tailored implementation plan
 ≥300 students
Webinar PD sessions
$ add-on
$ add-on
In-person PD days
$ add-on
$ add-on
for infrequent use or trying out Actively Learn

These Great Features:

  • Catalog w/ thousands of texts across subjects and genres
  • Class assignments with interactive student reading
  • Embed questions, notes, and media into an assignment
  • Standards-based assignments
  • Automatic gradebook
  • Google classroom integration
  • Limit of 3 text imports per month
for needed features, tools, and data to reach deeper learning

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Unlimited text imports
  • Assignment, class, and student data reports
  • Sequenced curricular units for ELA, Social Studies, & Science
  • Assign to groups & individuals
  • Differentiation with extra help
  • Share & co-author assignments
  • Research tools, including Google Docs import
  • Private school / district library to manage and share content
  • Administrator dashboards and rights management
  • Professional learning center with modules for 12 literacy practices
  • Premium support
  • Implementation services and professional development


Equity and engagement through deeper learning

Comprehensive, interactive resources
Support your core curriculum with interactive content that covers all your needs: short stories, novels, textbook sections, news articles, primary sources, science simulations, and multimedia content aligned to ELA, science, and social studies standards.
Support and collaboration
Give students the tools and knowledge to access grade-level text, including scaffolding notes and embedded media to fill in content gaps, translation into over 100 languages, text-to-speech, and an embedded learner's dictionary. Motivate learning with immediate feedback and collaboration right in the text.
Flexibility and customization
Implement your scope and sequence with standards-aligned content customized to your curricular goals. Bring your own texts and videos, modify instruction to fit your students' needs, and share it using our District Library. Actively Learn makes it possible to tailor content to the needs of your students.


Recommended by experts

"Actively Learn offers seemingly boundless options for what students can do inside a text: adjust, annotate, edit, share, and collaborate. It's the kind of interactive tool that, if used well, can open up some deep, high-quality communication among teachers and students alike."

Common Sense Education Review

"Research about how people learn is core to the theoretical framework that drives product design and evidence throughout the product. The product team shares the research behind the design publicly."

Digital Promise Certification for Research-Based Design

"I was impressed. I've been in public education for 20 years, and I don't say that often. What we were hearing from teachers was, 'I would really hate to be without this next year.'"

Christy Stanley

Director of Humanities and Healthful Living,
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school district

"This is probably one of the best products I've seen. The way the content is interspersed with standards-oriented questioning makes it extremely effective. It is definitely a tool that aids both the teacher and the student."

Judges' feedback, SIIA CODiE Awards

Finalist: Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9-12 & Higher Education

"Everyone at the Actively Learn staff is very open, very easy to work with, very flexible. It's not about their agenda, it's about how they can help you reach your goals. And that has been key for us. You don't see that with many companies, especially in edtech."

Dr. Stacey Gonzales

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, District 230

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