Achieve3000 Acquires Actively Learn

Acquisition combines the companies’ complementary strengths, expanding the Achieve3000 offering to include fiction and teacher-sourced content

Lakewood, NJ (October 1, 2018) – Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction, has acquired Actively Learn, a digital reading platform focused on deeper learning. The move pairs two highly compatible instructional approaches to help students build reading stamina and strength.

Achieve3000 and Actively Learn both address the same critical problem: that students today need to engage with increasingly complex texts and use higher-order thinking to become truly college and career ready. The newly combined suite spans all grade levels, from pre-K to adult learners, and includes fiction and nonfiction material.  Designed to embrace blended learning, the programs can be implemented together or separately at schools and districts.

“Bringing Actively Learn under the Achieve3000 roof makes so much sense for delivering a complete literacy and critical thinking offering for middle- and high-school students,” said Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000. “Achieve3000’s 17-year heritage using ed tech for proven literacy acceleration combined with Actively Learn’s engaging instruction and nimble platform will provide a unique opportunity for educators and students, including the pairing of fiction and nonfiction texts.”  

Through a pedagogical framework organized around 12 learning strategies, Actively Learn helps teachers activate, support, and reveal student thinking so every student can read for depth. Actively Learn delivers a broad array of high-interest text content, including access to current trade fiction, nonfiction books, short stories, news articles, textbook passages, and poetry. The integrated digital authoring tools and built-in professional learning make it simple for teachers to customize and enhance any reading experience, including adding their own content.

Achieve3000 unlocks learning potential with a proven instructional methodology that helps students at all reading levels to accelerate their Lexile gains two to three times beyond what’s expected. Combining unparalleled differentiation of content, learning and language scaffolds, ongoing embedded assessment, and automatic text re-leveling when students progress, Achieve3000 ensures each student is appropriately challenged and supported while developing stamina for high-stakes tests, building academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and strengthening core reading skills.

“We're excited to join Achieve3000. It's a great next step for delivering on our promise to bring meaningful thinking to classrooms,” said Jay Goyal, CEO of Actively Learn. “With our complementary products, we will deliver best in class content, instruction, and technology to meet the evolving needs of students and teachers. Schools and districts are in for a treat."

Terms of the deal, which was completed by Insight Venture Partners, were not disclosed.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 is the leading literacy platform in today’s blended learning programs, serving nearly 3 million students worldwide. The Achieve3000 platform provides differentiated content at 12 levels in English and eight in Spanish with built-in supports tailored to each student so every child can participate in grade-level instruction using the same lesson. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s patented instruction for grades PreK-12 and adult education reaches all students at their individual reading levels to accelerate learning, improve performance on high-stakes assessments, and advance college and career readiness. Learn more at

About Actively Learn

Actively Learn is an online literacy platform that helps teachers activate, support, and reveal student thinking so every student can read for depth. Actively Learn assists teachers in practicing 12 strategies (e.g. cultivating metacognition, asking higher-order questions) that change how deeply students understand texts. These strategies are delivered through features of the platform, a broad array of content covering many subjects, and professional learning. Actively Learn’s innovations have been supported by the Gates Foundation and National Science Foundation. Over one million students and teachers across the country have experienced the benefits of Actively Learn.

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