France gets Facebook fake news filter

France gets Facebook fake news filter

Facebook is trying its best to crack down on fake news. The company has launched a campaign against fake news in France, ahead of the country’s presidential elections, which take place later this year.\r\n<br><br>\r\n<i><u>Fake News: Who's Responsible? (Text 4)</u> -- This article is part of a Knowledge Set exploring the impact of fake news and questions who should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information shared online. In response to the criticisms rallied against Facebook following the U.S. elections, the company is introducing a tool to reduce fake news on their site prior to France's presidential elections. Use this article to provide an example to students of what a company l

Rishabh Jain
International Business Times

Essential Question

How can companies like Facebook work with users and news companies to identify fake news?

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RI.2 - Main Ideas

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