Letter from Bobby Murray to the Children's Bureau (1939)

Letter from Bobby Murray to the Children's Bureau (1939)

This letter, written in 1939 by 15 year-old Bobby Murray to the Children's Bureau, suggests how the effects of the Depression were felt by one boy and his family.\n<br><br>\n<i><u>Thinking Like a Historian (Text 3)</u> - This text is part of a Knowledge Set introducing historical thinking and inquiry skills as students examine letters from different periods in U.S. history. As students conclude this set, they will read two letters written during the Great Depression. While reading this letter, students should continue applying the historical thinking skills they learned earlier in this set -- summarizing, sourcing, and contextualizing. Encourage students to make inferences about the source and

Bobby Murray

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RH.2 - Main Ideas, RH.1 - Meaning & Evidence

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