A flexible platform to support students and teachers

Rich and diverse catalog of texts and videos
Classics,  Nonfiction, Short stories, Drama, Modern Novels, Current Events
Textbook sections, Videos, Simulations, High-Interest Articles, and Data & Analysis Assignments for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Integrated Science
Social Studies
Textbook sections, Videos, Primary Sources, and Related Fiction for US History, Modern World History, and Ancient World & Early Empires
Engaging, standards-aligned instruction
Questions that matter
Questions help students construct knowledge and show them why the content matters
Notes and media fill gaps, model effective strategies, and kick off group discussions
Add or modify instruction
Edit our pre-created assignments or embed new questions, notes, or media directly into a text or video
Bring your own content and share with colleagues
Import your own texts
Upload a PDF, web article, Google doc, or video
Share and co-author
Let other teachers use your assignments or create instruction together
Build a school library
Expose the best resources to reduce workload and create consistency across departments
Activate Thinking
Questions that chunk text
Questions are tied to standards and harness writing to demonstrate higher-order thinking
Strategic annotations
Notes fill gaps for students, model effective strategies, and kick off group discussions
In-line discussion
Students share their thoughts with their teacher and classmates
Support Thinking
Differentiated scaffolding
Assign scaffolds for different sets of students and assign texts to specific groups
Students can listen to text being read aloud and enable dyslexic font
Dictionary and translation
Students easily look up words they don’t understand and translate into a number of languages
Reveal Thinking
Formative assessment
Teachers see where students struggle and monitor data to inform instruction
Real-time feedback
Grades and comments post instantly so students want to retry and improve their work
Students monitor their comprehension while they read
Uncover students' thinking
Know exactly how far each student is in every assignment
Reading Time
See the amount of effort every student is putting in
Are your students annotating?Looking up difficult words? Now you can see all of their work and activity
Save time grading and make feedback count
Multiple choice questions
Questions are automatically graded to give you instant data into where students struggle
Revising short answers
Students can use your comments to revise and resubmit their written answers
Standards-based rubrics
Understand the difference between "Advanced" and "Proficient" as you grade short answer responses
Gain more insights into your students' learning
Standards proficiency
See where students struggle and monitor data to inform instruction
Writing growth
Check how writing improves over time and what areas need more practice
Research projects and independent reading
Receive a log of the texts your students are using for projects or other reading

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