Tuva Partners with Actively Learn

Partnership brings interactive data exploration & analysis into Next Generation science instruction.
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New York, NY and Seattle, WA (October 6, 2021) – Tuva partners with Actively Learn to bring inquiry-based science learning to new levels. With a selection of Tuva datasets and graphing tools available on Actively Learn’s powerful curriculum platform, students can now explore authentic, real-world datasets in new and exciting ways. 

These interactive assignments include curated real-world datasets, Tuva’s powerful data exploration and analysis tools, and rigorous standards-based instruction that supports guided inquiry on Actively Learn. 

With this partnership, students can now use the Tuva tools to organize, manipulate, and analyze data as they explore patterns and draw their own conclusions about real-world phenomena. Actively Learn teachers can use these assignments for in-person or remote learning and can easily track student progress with real-time data”, said Deep Sran, President and Co-Founder of Actively Learn. 

“We are excited to partner with Actively Learn to bring the Tuva data and graphing tools into their curriculum platform. Empowering students to explore, visualize, and analyze authentic data is an important part of science learning, and this partnership enables us to bring powerful data-related learning experiences to the Actively Learn community”, said Harshil Parikh, Co-Founder & CEO of Tuva. 

About Actively Learn

Actively Learn is an award-winning digital curriculum that drives student engagement and equity through deeper learning. The flexible features and comprehensive, standards-aligned resources empower teachers to deepen students’ comprehension in ELA, social studies, and science. Actively Learn is part of the Achieve3000 suite of digital education solutions.

About Tuva

Tuva is the leading data literacy instructional program in K-12 education. Educators and students in 18,000+ schools and districts use a library of 1000+ real-world lessons and interactive data, graphing, and statistical tools to build data literacy and bring authentic, real-world learning into their science and math instruction. Visit tuvalabs.com and get started today.