Everything you need to get your students reading closely

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An Immersive And Collaborative Digital Reader

The Right Question At The Right Moment

Students must answer questions exactly where teachers want them to stop and think.

Help Struggling Readers

Students use an inline dictionary, refer to embedded notes and videos, and listen to parts of the text they don't understand.

Discussion With Peers

Students can ask questions and share ideas with their classmates with confidence, both in class and at home.

Real Time Feedback

Students can compare their answers to their peers' and receive teacher feedback much more frequently.


Control Your Content To Meet The Needs Of Your Students

Import Any Text

Teachers can add web articles and PDFs that they know their students will love.

Discover Great Assignments

Teachers can access thousands of books, articles, and poems with interactive lessons created by their peers.

Embed Questions, Notes, and Multimedia

Teachers know their students best. They can differentiate and edit instruction to meet their students' exact needs.

Make The Common Core A Friend

Tie questions and notes to the Common Core with a click.


Insights You've Never Seen Before

Actually Know If Students Are Doing The Reading

Teachers can track where students are and how much time they spend reading.

See Exactly Where Students Struggle

Students communicate where they struggle by flagging text they find challenging.

See What Students Do And Do Not Understand

Since questions are placed strategically, answers always reveal what students actually comprehend.

Get A Definitive Report On Which Skills Need Improvement

Since questions and notes are tied to standards, you can track how every student is progressing.