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What Students and Teachers Are Saying

Deep Sran

Madeline, 12th grade student

"Actively Learn is an open door into discussion, interaction, and debate ... We contribute and feed off of each other's ideas, and suddenly, there is LIFE back into learning!"

Deep Sran

Barbara Edwards, North Carolina

"Actively Learn has truly revolutionalized all elements of reading competencies ... Thank you for being invested in the leaders of the future and caring enough to provide resources that develop the necessary skills for these 'active' learners."

Deep Sran

Erin Barksdale, Texas

"Actively Learn pushes my AP English classroom to interact with their peers via literary analysis and discussion ... This blended learning model has set my scholars up for collegiate-level learning and interaction."

How It Works

1) Discover or Add Any Content You Love

2) Embed Questions, Notes, and Videos Directly Into a Text

3) Get Students to Think, Write, and Collaborate While Reading

4) Measure Student Effort and See Where Comprehension Breaks Down