The ideal reading environment for deeper learning

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Meaningful questions that chunk text, annotation tools, helpful videos, and discussions lead to high engagement


Peer and teacher interactions while reading are enduring motivators that help students to persist instead of giving up

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Scaffolding and reading aids (dictionary, text to speech, translation) support all readers, especially strugglers and ELLs

Teacher guidance when and where students need it



Since you know your students best, you have the ability to embed questions, notes, and videos directly into the text. You can differentiate instruction so students get the right assignments with the right amount of support. 


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timely, contextual FEEDBACK

Tough to grade tons of papers and return them to students while they still care? Now you can focus your feedback on the most important areas and place it where your students will notice and act on it. 

Collaborative, real world
independent reading  & research



Let students choose from thousands of high-interest articles where they will learn something new.  


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Students are encouraged to recommend their favorite articles to their classmates. They can also easily share articles they use for research projects and co-annotate them

360 degree understanding of your students‘ reading


see Insights into learning and activity

It is often difficult to know what is causing student performance: Are they not spending enough time? Is the material too difficult or too easy? Are they not practicing the right strategies? With our data you finally get all the answers. 


Content to meet any need, in every subject


ACCESS The most diverse library for grades 4-12

Short Stories - Current Events - Textbooks - Novels - Primary Source Documents - Plays - Poems - Science - Social Studies

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Assignments with great questions

We provide thousands of assignments with questions that are interesting, relate directly to the content, and foster deep thinking. We avoid generic questions you can plop anywhere.

Add any content you want

You use all types of great content. We want to keep it that way. Pull in PDFs, Google Docs, and web articles to teach exactly what you want in new ways.

Easy to use with award winning design

Integrates with your favorite Google tools

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Import rosters and post assignments


Connect students‘ annotations to their writing


Import content directly from Drive

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Sign in using your Google accounts

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