Reduce reader struggles

Reading comprehension is really hard. It requires knowledge, vocabulary, skills, and motivation.
Help students get the right support so they can focus on constructing meaning while they read.



Increase thinking, writing, and collaborating

Thinking while reading is the key to comprehension and learning.
Interactions inside the text encourage deeper engagement so thinking happens.

Access a diverse library + Add your own content

ELA - Science - Social Studies - Short Stories - Current Events - Textbooks - Novels - Primary Source Docs - Poetry
Includes 20,000 digital texts with over 2,500 pre-created assignments

Evolve your instruction to be more student-centric

Intrinsic motivation

Points and badges create no long-term benefit for students, so focus on choice, interest, and peer learning to build the foundation for creating lifelong readers.

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When you measure students‘ thinking, you can better react to their needs. Track what and how students are learning to provide stronger instruction and feedback.

scaffolding & modeling

The #1 reason students don't understand what they read is lack of background knowledge. Fill those gaps and model your reading strategies to engage students.

Timely & Targeted Feedback

As time passes, students care more about the grade than your comments on how to improve. Reach them sooner by providing feedback in real-time so they will be eager to iterate on their work.

Enjoy student reading success


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