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Let students find joy and purpose in reading

NO annoying questions, NO constant quizzing, NO fill in the blanks when reading, NO badges, NO points...

Questions That Matter

Do you want to answer "What sentence in the 2nd paragraph best describes the main idea?" Students don't want to either!

Collaboration Inside of a Text

Ever surveyed students about what they like best about reading in class? We have, and they want to talk about the text with their classmates.

Help While Reading

When students have different knowledge, vocabulary, and skills, the right help can mean the difference between persistence and giving up.

Fun Texts to Read Independently

When students read independently, they realize the value of reading, build stamina and skills, and turn into avid readers.

Content Curation & Collaboration Tools

More content, reporting, and flexibility transforms what teachers can do

Free Books and Textbooks

We have thousands of free resources that can replace your ELA, Science, and Social Studies textbooks.

Upload Your Own Content

Use your favorite web articles, Google Docs, and PDFs -- and then embed questions directly into the text.

Share and Co-Author Assignments

Teachers can build and share curriculum with colleagues at both their school and their district (like Google Docs).

Proficiency and Trend Reporting

See students' thinking, measue their effort, and track their growth along standards over time.