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More than 300,000 K-12 students use Actively Learn in their Social Studies, Science and ELA classes.
Students think more, write more, and collaborate with their peers when they read.

Dean Deaver Dean Deaver
Monroe Elem, CA
Gina Fine Gina Fine
Dutch Fork, SC
Brian Mull Brian Mull
Trinity Episcopal School, LA
Nerissa Raschelle Nerissa Raschelle
St. Stephen's Episcopal, FL
Mr. Smallwood Mr. Smallwood
Wilson Middle, OH

One of the best resources I have for my personalized learning classroom is Actively Learn! My students find it easy to use and it helps me have better evidence of each student's mastery of the standards with the many insightful reports it generates.

Our school has found Actively Learn to be a fantastic tool not just for ELA, but in any content area. The students look forward to assignments, they are easy to grade, and the data (especially using Actively Learn PRO) helps us understand where students are and where they can improve.

For any company wanting to know how to best respond to customer feedback, I suggest you talk to @activelylearn. They've got it nailed.

@AbbeyFutrell you were not lying. @activelylearn is already changing my life and it has only been a couple minutes. #ipdx15

Whoa! Seriously. Whoa. has ridiculous potential for Social Studies, Science, and ELA. Check it out! #hcsdoetc #OETC15

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