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Personal plan is for teachers who want to use Actively Learn regularly but do not yet have financial and instructional support from their school. The price point allows teachers to pay out of pocket. 

Team and School plans are for districts and schools to provide a fantastic literacy platform that covers class reading, independent reading, and research while also investing in growing teachers‘ foundation in literacy pedagogy. Click here to get more details on the platform‘s premium features and benefits.


All of These Features:

  • Thousands of free books, textbooks, current events, short stories, and poems with ready-made assignments.
  • Thousands of copyright texts for rent as low as 50 cents per student
  • Limit of 3 internet articles, Google Docs, or PDFs per month
  • Embed questions, notes, and media directly into an assignment
  • Google Classroom integration

Everything in Free, AND:

  • Unlimited internet articles, Google Docs, and PDF imports
  • Assignment data with each student's reading time, text progress, vocabulary lookups, and more
  • Class data reports showing student engagement, effort, proficiency along standards, and vocabulary
  • Daily student activity report emailed to your inbox
  • Export gradebook to CSV
  • Print assignments and reports

Everything in Personal, AND:

  • Collaboration via sharing and co-authoring assignments
  • Differentiation with small group and individual assignments
  • Differentiation within assignments by using extra help notes and questions for students that you identify
  • Individual student reports showing proficiency, effort, writing growth, reading log, and vocabulary.
  • Research tools for students to import and annotate content
  • Google Docs add-on for students to import reading and research work in their long-form writing
  • Co-teaching
  • Online PD (live webinars)
  • Priority Support

Everything in Team, AND:

  • Private school/district library where teacher assignments are shared and stored, forever
  • Independent reading library for students with over 4,000 curated, high-interest nonfiction articles
  • Administrator accounts to get a bird's eye view on quality of assignments and student performance
  • Standards customization
  • Add content to students' independent reading library
  • Content support to import your current e-texts
  • On-site and online PD and customized implementation
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Over 18,000 copyright texts (HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, HMH, Penguin Random House) included for an additional $20 per student


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Our pricing philosophy:
fairness and transparency

In an ideal world, everything we do at Actively Learn would be free to everyone, forever. But we only have one product, which is designed from the ground up for schools, and we don't think you want to see advertising all over it. This is why we have our premium versions. 

We are transparent with our pricing because we have nothing to hide; customers tell us our prices are very fair and we want you to make an informed decision. We've seen reading tools that offer much less and still charge $60 per student, and then you have to find other schools buying it cheaper to bargain for a better deal. We respect that you have enough to do without worrying about a vendor fleecing you, so we keep pricing simple and consistent.



Ways to save 

The cost of a school or district license can easily be offset by simple measures that save on traditional costs. 

  1. Substitute classics you buy (e.g. Romeo & Juliet) with the same ones digitally, for free.

  2. Avoid paper copying of internet articles, PDFs, and quizzes while making distribution to students even simpler. 

  3. Buy short-term digital rentals for books (as low as 99 cents for 3 months) instead of maintaining paper copies for years.

  4. Stop buying textbooks you don't use and use free high quality digital textbooks covering only the content you want. 

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