Meeting the challenge
of remote learning

As you pursue your mission of educating kids in the face of coronavirus, we are here to help.

The right tool for this difficult time

Educators have told us they need a tool that promotes classroom-style learning, is easy for everyone to use, and will be supported with real people, not chatbots!
We fit the bill.

Comprehensive resources with an ability for teachers to bring their own materials

We cover standards across ELA, Science, and Social Studies with articles, textbook sections, fiction, videos and more. And teachers don't have to transition to new materials; they can upload their existing assignments onto the platform.

Easy student access with supports for all learners and collaboration with peers

Actively Learn is easy for students to access at home, whether on a smartphone, laptop, or printed copy. They can access scaffolding notes and media, an embedded dictionary, translation into over 100 languages, plus in-line peer discussion and shared peer responses.

Progress monitoring and easy ways to provide real-time feedback and grades

When students are working remotely, it's more important than ever that teachers check their progress, see what supports they are using, and provide feedback on their writing.

Getting started is easy, and we’ll be here along the way.

Teachers can sign up at any time and use our help center if they need extra support. Our support team is available via chat and email to help ease the transition. All of this is free through July 31st.