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Actively Learn Social Studies includes access to We the People as well as sequenced curricular units that cover a full year of instruction for middle and high school social studies courses. Not finding what you need? Bring in your own texts and videos and transform them into interactive assignments.

Differentiated scaffolding and state standards

Help all students access nuanced, complex texts with differentiated instruction that includes additional scaffolding notes to fill gaps in content knowledge and hints and answer stems in short answer questions. All questions are aligned to state standards for social studies.

Progress monitoring and insight into student learning

Check students' progress, see what supports they are using, and get recommendations to improve proficiency. Know what topics and concepts require targeted instruction and which parts of the text inspired discussion.

We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution is a comprehensive introduction to the U.S. Constitution and the foundations of American government. With We the People, students learn how to be informed, active, and engaged citizens. Actively Learn offers We the People for upper elementary, middle, and high school.

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Actively Learn Social Studies gives you interactive, collaborative resources to support learning at home or in the classroom. For a full list of features available on the Prime plan, check out our plans page.

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