Natalie Briggs

Edenton, NC

Natalie Briggs
John A. Holmes High School
Edenton, NC
How do you use Actively Learn in your classroom? 

In-class reading, assigned reading for homework, independent reading, research, and quizzes.

What problems were you experiencing in your classroom or school prior to adopting Actively Learn? 

Lack of student engagement in reading. Difficulty differentiating with reading and difficulty making reading come alive for students. 

What solutions did you try to address problems in your school/classroom prior to adopting Actively Learn? 

Running off multiple copies of stories and/or stories broken down into paragraphs. I wasted a TON of paper! Annotating with sticky notes that ended up all over the floor.

How has Actively Learn helped improve your students’ learning and/or your teaching? 

Students can get immediate feedback and I can see right away where confusion with reading is occurring. Students are more likely to message me with a question than to raise their hand in front of everyone. I can differentiate and break text down for students as well as embed pictures and videos to help visualize reading for students. We are also using it for data and giving benchmark reading passages there with questions by standard so we can see student by student and whole class how they are doing with reading and adapt teaching based on that.

How do you use Actively Learn with your students? What type of content do you assign? 

Different genres of literature, benchmark test reading passages, reading articles and informational texts, and independent reading texts. 

What advice would you have for teachers who are new to Actively Learn? 

Start small with short reading passages, and definitely use the annotation feature with your students so you can see where their confusion with the text is occurring.