Steve Moore

Darien, IL

Steve Moore
Hinsdale South High School
Darien, IL
How do you use Actively Learn in your classroom?

In-class reading, assigned reading for homework, and research.

What problems were you experiencing in your classroom or school prior to adopting Actively Learn? 

Tracking student interaction with text. Effectively moving through text together.

What solutions did you try to address problems in your school/classroom prior to adopting Actively Learn? 

Collecting annotations (which took kids' materials) or reading together aloud.

How has Actively Learn helped improve your students’ learning and/or your teaching? 

Each student presents visible evidence of engagement while I'm looking "over his shoulder" on the dashboard to help kids who are struggling and model answers on the board (anonymously). That combination has been essential.

How do you use Actively Learn with your students? What type of content do you assign? 

Usually I give short fiction/non-fiction articles but I also liked using it this year for student-directed research.

What advice would you have for teachers who are new to Actively Learn? 

Master the dashboard right away and use anonymous view to model both excellence and emerging understanding.